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Taos, NM

Your Host: Bowe Ellis

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Taos is historic... beautiful... different.

I want to welcome you to this amazing town with a visit to this very special Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store. Kick off your visit to historic Taos with a stop for some delectable chocolates. Try one of our local flavors like Hatch Chile brittle and Piñon Toffee, or indulge with a caramel apple made from delicious caramel made right here in our copper kettle. Come cool off with a scoop of ice cream or get a kick start with one of our frozen coffee frappés.

Please feel welcome from the moment you come through our door! Enjoy a sample of our fine treats, smile as you watch us make fudge and brittle on our marble slab, relax and breathe in some irresistible aromas. You'll find something for everyone... from colorful dipped marshmallows for the kids to dark chocolate creations for the veteran chocolate palate, to giant peanut butter buckets for the lumberjack appetite.

And don't leave Taos without gifts for those back home! We have many attractive and delicious boxes that will tell your friends and family the story of Taos through their taste buds.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
112 South Plaza
Taos, NM 87571

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Store Hours:
Open 7 days a week.
Holiday Hours 10:00AM to 9:00PM Daily

Visiting the Taos Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

is a journey through the rich history of northern New Mexico. Come see our truly special store, situated in a beautiful adobe building right on historic Taos Plaza. Come breathe in the delightful aromas of toasted pine nuts and bubbling caramel. And bring the kids for a show of fudge making and colorful treats.

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